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Sorority Priority

Defense keychains

Defense keychains

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Must be over 21 and check your states guidelines before purchasing. Feel secure with our Defense keychains, designed to provide peace of mind for those aged 21 and over. Crafted from stylish materials, these keychains offer a variety of detachable devices to ensure your safety. Prepare to face anything with the sophistication and elegance of our Defense collection. Red defense keychain comes with pepper spray not a taser, AKA come with both pepper spray and taser,  all other colors have a taser, no pepper spray.

All come with lashes

1 on defense set,

2 sets of lashes on lash beauty set includes* everything in pic, plus mini suitcase, keychain lanyard, hand sanitizer and chapstick holder on set.

Sets include as gift various colored lashes and scrunchy.

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